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Hi, friend! So glad you’re here. This blog is a place where I get vulnerable and share what’s on my heart. I hope my posts will be relatable to you and I can help you feel less alone.

An Exciting New Chapter In My Life

How this year has changed me This pandemic has been challenging in so many ways. None of us were expecting this at the start of 2020. None of us could have predicted this is how our year would be going. I haven’t seen many of my friends in person since my birthday party in early […]

A Thank You Letter To myself

Dear Shelly, Thank you so much for everything. I don’t show my appreciation for you enough, and I want to change that. This letter is a step towards acknowledging everything you’ve done, and everything I’m grateful for. Thank you for always keeping creativity, writing, connection, and storytelling as a key focus and passion. Thank you […]

Taking Back My Power: My Sexual Assault Story

I was 14 when a man broke into my family’s house. My friends and I were having a sleepover, and after hanging out in my backyard talking until late at night, we snuck back in to go to sleep, and I forgot to lock the door behind us. I was about to slip into sleep […]

The difference between ‘fitting in’ and ‘belonging’

I recently listened to Brene Brown’s audiobook Men, Women, and Worthiness and she touched on a subject that really struck a chord with me. She talked about the difference between fitting in and belonging, and clarified that you really cannot truly belong if you are trying to fit in. “The greatest barrier to belonging is […]


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