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Monday, June 7

Surviving and Thriving
group coaching for sexual assault survivors

Hey there! I'm shelly, the creator of Surviving & thriving

After completing sex and relationship coach training through the Somatica Institute, I knew I wanted a way to reach sexual assault survivors in a unique way and help them on their healing journey. I started my free, private Facebook group, but I knew I wanted to go deeper and create more resources. 

I created this group coaching program because it is what I wish I had when I was struggling to heal and move past my own sexual trauma. I’ve always been passionate about helping people through sharing my own experiences and insights, and this group is truly a project straight from my heart to yours.

I can’t wait for you all to experience the transformation I have, and see what a difference it makes in your life in just 4 months. 

Questions? Email me at or reach out on Instagram @shamelesslyshelly

Does this sound like you?

You know that in order to move past your trauma, you need to learn how to heal your wounds in a loving and empowering way. 

However, you don’t even know where to start, and you feel stuck. At times it can feel overwhelming. You’re constantly battling with…

  • Low self-worth and self-love
  • Trouble setting boundaries with work, friends, family, or relationships. 
  • Feeling stuck and unhappy in your romantic relationships
  • Feeling scared or unmotivated to meet someone new if you’re single 
  • Inability to connect on an intimate level with partners and friends. 
  • Issues or disatisfaction with your sex life

that is all normal. and I'm here to help!

you deserve to find healing

What if in just 4 months you could connect with a group of like-minded people, and help each other let go of past trauma that has been holding you back in all aspects of your life. Our trauma holds us back in more ways, and in more areas of our life, than we even realize. It’s time to take a big step towards healing, and finally set yourself free. 

You deserve to experience joy, clarity, and empowerment in all areas of your life including your romantic relationships, sex life, friendships, and your career.

The special part of joining a group program like this, is you have a built-in support system. Not only do you have supportive people to listen to you share your experiences, but you get to listen and absorb wisdom from other members of the group.

Introducing Surviving & Thriving: a group coaching program for sexual assault survivors who are ready to heal and help others do the same

group program details

If this sounds like exactly what you’re looking for, I’d love for you to join!

Payment Info

I have two payment options available for your convenience. You can choose to pay the full amount for all 4 months in May, which will be $360 (you save $40 with this payment plan!) You can also pay each month, which is $96 per month (you save a total of $16), or pay bi-weekly for $50 every two weeks. 

When you click the registration button below, you’ll be taken to a form to fill out to hold your spot. I will email you an invoice for your first payment, either for the full amount or the first monthly payment depending on what you select.  


I want you to take a moment to reflect on all of the things you choose to spend money on in your life. All of the things you make room for in your budget. How many of those are things that are purely for your own well-being and personal growth? We have a tendency to not want to invest in ourselves, because we don’t see our own value and worth. Can you really put a price tag on inner peace and happiness? Isn’t your healing worth any amount of money?

Though I am a huge advocate of therapy and recommend it to everyone I speak to, it wasn’t the most life-changing part of my healing journey. For me, doing the work around the topics we will cover in this group, as well as learning how to open up and share my story to others, is what catapulted my healing. This group, along with your therapy, will give you the tools and support you need to finally move forward.

Healing is a lifelong process. In my own experience, right when I think I’ve healed is typically when it hits me all over again and I realize I have more work to do. Even if you feel you’re in a good place, it can’t hurt to invest a bit more time and energy into creating the best possible life for yourself! 

What sets this apart from other methods you’ve tried in the past, is that it’s created by a sexual assault survivor, for sexual assault survivors. Often our therapists, as helpful and amazing as they are, cannot fully understand what we’ve been through if they haven’t gone through it themselves. I know what you’ve been through. I’ve walked your path. And I’ve created a coaching program full of insights that have helped me, and I know will help you too. 

Much like your money, we tend to avoid setting time aside for our own self-care. Much like saying you can’t afford it, saying you don’t have time for it is sending the message that you are not worthy of healing. I have also purposefully made this an every-other-week group meetings, so you don’t have to make time for it every single week.

You've held on to your trauma for long enough.
It's time you released it and began to heal.

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