Coaching Services

I started my coaching journey through the Somatica Institute Core Training program, where I learned the intricacies of relationship + sex coaching.

I offer an array of coaching services for individuals and couples looking to deepen their understanding of their relationships and intimate lives, and cultivate more fulfillment and clarity in these areas.

1:1 Relationship/Intimacy Coaching

A personalized, intensive coaching program for people who are ready to embrace the personal growth they deserve. In just 3 months, we’ll go on a journey which will lead you to more fulfillment and happiness in your relationship with yourself, as well as your current or future partner.

1:1 Coaching for Sexual Assault Survivors

I’m committed to addressing the topic of healing and personal growth in a positive,  empathetic, safe way that will set you free and leave you feeling empowered in your romantic relationships and intimacy. At the end of our time together, you will be equipped with the tools + resources to create a foundation of confidence and empowerment for yourself to create the romantic and intimate life you deserve.

Couples Coaching

Whether you’re wanting to work on trust, communication, or anything in between, I can help bridge the gap and together we can build a stronger, more satisfying relationship for both of you.

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