My 2019 Intention

I know, I know, I’m a little late on the New Year post, as we’re already a month into 2019. But I figured better late than never! Today I wanted to share my intention for the year. I like the word intention better than resolution, because for me it feels more tied to an overall message I want to carry with me for the year, versus specific goals that may or may not be achieved.

I recently heard the idea of choosing one word that you want to represent your intention, and I’ve decided my word for 2019 is Courage. I want this to be the year I move past fear to really get the things I want, from my job, to my hobbies, to relationships. I’ve always been a pretty timid and fearful person, even from a young age (just ask my parents) so I want to work on getting out of my comfort zone more this year, and not letting fear get in the way of my happiness.

Over the past month, I’ve already had some great moments of courage. For me it’s about doing small things that scare me on a regular basis. One of those things was opening up about losing my job, which I’ve done in a blog post, on social media, and individually with people in my life. One of my proudest moments so far was sending an email to some of my old coworkers to let them know why I left. This felt big for me because I was scared about being judged, but I pushed past that and did it anyway.

I’ve received great responses from people in regard to these moments of courage. One of my old coworkers told me he hopes he’d be brave enough to send an email like the one I sent. I’ve had friends tell me they are going through something similar at work and it felt good to know they aren’t alone. These positive responses have helped me feel like I’m on the right track with this intention of courage, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me this year!

What is your word or intention for this year? How is it going so far? Comment and let me know!

41 thoughts on “My 2019 Intention

  1. I’ve been focusing on family. My business has been going very well, but I’ve found I put more time into it than I put into my family. I’ve been doing very well with finding balance.

  2. It’s so helpful to be willing to work on weakness and learn from mistakes. A new year is a great opportunity to begin again.

  3. Courage is a great word for this new year. Mine is β€œyes” using it as a mantra to doing everything I say and doing what I am too afraid to.

  4. Thanks for sharing your intentions for 2019 with us. For me, it going out of my comfort zone, guess it’s the same as having courage. Looks like we all need to be courageous in life.

  5. I just love how you use the word intention rather than resolution though it has a different meaning but it has the same thought.

  6. Such a nice story to read and learn from it. I love the word “Courage”, I believe everybody should acquire or practice this every single day. A word that definitely can help us overcome anything.

  7. I can relate myself to what I was reading here. I think courage and positivity is what we all miss sometimes !

  8. I actually had two words this year — motivated and consistent. I have all the best laid plans and ideas…but then life gets in the way. So I made a pledge this year to be consistent and stay motivated.

  9. That is really interesting. Good to hear about your intentions for this year and I wish you the best of luck.

  10. I like your word choice very powerful. I need to start thinking about resolutions in this way. Mine would be consistent.

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