Explore With Me: Fort Worth, TX

I finally took my first real vacation of 2017 over Memorial Day Weekend, when my boyfriend and I went to Fort Worth for a long weekend. We left Friday morning and came back Monday afternoon, so it was the perfect length of time to get away for a while without being gone for too long.

Fort Worth holds a special place in both of our hearts because we went to Texas Christian University in that town, and it’s where we first started dating. So naturally, we had to revisit all of our old favorite places, starting with the TCU campus.

Texas Christian University




Isn’t TCU one of the prettiest campuses you’ve ever seen? I know I might be biased, but come on! 

Our next stop after getting settled in our [extremely nice] hotel in downtown, was to visit the water gardens. I’d never really noticed before this trip, but Fort Worth seems to have some kind of obsession with fountains (you’ll see more later).

Fort Worth Water Gardens



Another Fort Worth must-see, and the place where we happened to have our first date, is Sundance Square. The square often has events such as live music, movie showings, and even art shows. There wasn’t an event when we were there, but they did have a Steel City Pops stand, which is always a cool tasty treat.

Sundance Square


See what I told you about all of the fountains in this city?

It was pretty hot that weekend, so we decided to do at least one indoor activity. Some people may not know this, but Fort Worth has some great museums! We decided to spend Saturday afternoon at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. We both loved this museum because it is a lot more interactive than an art museum. From laying on a bed of nails and seeing a tornado simulation, to watching a video about cattle and digging for dinosaur bones in a sand box, it was an afternoon well spent!

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History


Our last big adventure of the weekend was our trip to Six Flags Over Texas on Sunday. Although it was raining for part of our time there, we still had a blast! I’ve actually never been before, so I loved experiencing all of the rides for the first time. My favorite was the Shock Wave roller coaster.

Six Flags Over Texas





It was a much-needed vacation, and it did not disappoint. I would highly recommend all of you return to your college town, or to a place you haven’t been in a while, for a nice weekend getaway. It was the perfect blend of relaxing, sight seeing, and adventuring.

My most recent vacation was to Las Vegas, which I will be writing about soon. It was definitely a lot different than this vacation, but equally fun.

Let me know in the comments where your last vacation was, and where your dream vacation is!

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