Austin Adventures: Weird Homes Tour

This weekend I did my part to help Keep Austin Weird by participating in the Weird Homes Tour. The tour is a self-paced, self-driving tour where you drive to different areas of Austin and walk through unique homes. The houses were all “weird” in different ways, some incorporating artistic elements, others showcasing more interesting architecture.

I got a lot of photos during my tour, and thought it would be fun to share them with you all, along with my thoughts on each of the homes. I’ve put them in order of least favorite to favorite, but overall enjoyed walking through each and every house!

Riggins’ Cabinet of Curiosities

The first house we visited was actually used as the home of a main character on a famous TV show. Let me know if you can guess which one in the comments! Hint: the name of the house gives it away if you’ve seen the show. (If you are absolutely stuck, click here for the answer.)


The reason this house was my least favorite was because it seemed a bit cluttered and didn’t have a clear theme, or as many artistic elements as the others. On the other hand, there was a lot to look at and people who know a lot about history might have liked it more than I did. The owner of the house mentioned she had many knick knacks from past decades, and a history buff could have spent more time looking around and finding interesting things in that house.

The Torres Temple

This next home was really clean and simple, unlike the previous one. The reason it comes in second to last place is because I didn’t feel it had enough “weird.” While the Cabinet of Curiosities was basically overflowing with weird, the Torres Temple left me wondering what was so weird about it.


The unique element that it did have was the different color themes in each room, which were meant to represent “Feng Shui elements and chakra colors to envelop and energetically transform the observer who is entering into this world.” I liked the idea of this, but didn’t really notice much of an energy to each room. Maybe it was just over my head, and a more astute observer or open-minded individual would have loved it.


Indra’s Awarehouse

This house immediately peaked my interest more than the previous two, and not just because of the on point pun in the name (it was an old warehouse, now used as a hostel for the creatively-minded). Artists, dancers, musicians (including Kendrick Lamar according to a man we talked to who lived there) all gather here to perform together and spread good vibes.


I really liked all of the artistic touches, from the chalk paintings out front to the paintings on the wall of the bedroom, and the various art pieces hanging around the warehouse.  The only reason this was not higher on my list was because it felt more like an art gallery or some kind of studio as opposed to a “real house”, and I was more wowed by a couple of the traditional homes that still managed to be “weird.”


Florence’s Comfort House

Coming in second place, this home really did have an element of comfort, with plenty of hippie vibes. I would say this house was the most iconically Austin, from the bejeweled guitars to the messages about peace. It also was the only house where the backyard was the main attraction instead of the inside of the house, which made it stand out from the rest.


This was also the only home that seemed to be geared both towards adults and children, with much of the backyard comprised of things you might find on a playground. As it turns out, Florence uses her home to help children in the community “make the best of their lives both during their youth and beyond.”


Under The Sea House

And finally, my choice for first place goes to Under The Sea! I had high hopes for this one just by looking at the name (I’m a Pisces after all), and it did not disappoint. I thought this one did the best job of being weird, while still having cohesiveness and artistic elements without being too cluttered. My favorite part was the garden in the backyard, which had this awesome fence painted with sea creatures (including mermaids).



The inside of the house was just as whimsical. I loved all of the details in the dining area, from the colorful teacups to the tiled wall and the peacock-patterned lamp. The kitchen counter was also really cool, with lots of beads and photo cutouts under the surface.



The final detail I wanted to mention was the bathroom, which had an awesome color-changing sink, which lit up and changed colors from green to pink.

Read more about Under The Sea.

I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of some of Austin’s weirdest homes. Based on these photos and my descriptions, which one do you think your favorite would be? Let me know in the comments!

Be sure to check out the Weird Homes Tour on Twitter and Facebook, and look through the hashtag #WeirdHomes on Twitter and Instagram to see more awesome photos from the events in Austin, Houston and New Orleans.

16 thoughts on “Austin Adventures: Weird Homes Tour

  1. Now I know what to do next time I’m in Austin! Indra’s has to be my fav here. I love taking the kids to explore funky places like that. Here in the DC area, The Mansion on O is our favorite place to get lost. Thanks for the virtual tour!

    1. Indra’s was really cool! And The Mansion sounds awesome, I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in DC. You’re very welcome. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. Bejeweled guitars are pretty awesome. I’ve been wanting to check out Austin for a while now, if I ever get there,I’ll put this tour on my list!

      1. Haha no, I’m originally from California but currently in Australia so it might be a while. I have been feeling like I have neglected traveling in my home country for a while now though, so who knows maybe I’ll try to fit in a good old American road trip sometime.

      2. Oh nice, I want to go to Australia sometime! I hear there’s a beach called Shelly Beach there! And road trips are so much fun, you definitely should. 🙂

  3. This looks like so much fun! I love looking around in strange homes. London (and other cities) have an annual event where you can look at houses of architectural/historical interest, and I got to look in a 1970s brutalist home in my neighbourhood that I otherwise only saw from outside.
    Indra’s Awarehouse looks the most fun to me of the ones you visited!

    1. That sounds really cool! I’ll have to check that out next time I’m in the UK. Indra’s was really cool, I loved all the artwork and the paintings on the front!

  4. These are crazy! I don’t know how one can live in one of these for long. I’d go crazy to be honest lol. Nice to see but not to live in!

  5. Interesting & different tour. The first house is kind of creepy! 😉

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