Irrational Pet Peeves

The other day I heard a remixed version of Sam Smith’s song Stay With Me, and I felt irrationally irritated. One of my most random pet peeves is when slow songs are remixed and made to sound more “pop-y”. Some songs just aren’t meant to have a loud beat!

My annoyance at hearing that terrible rendition of Sam Smith got me thinking, and I realized I have quite a few pet peeves that seem a bit weird or pointless. I know that none of these things that bother me really should, in the grand scheme of things, but I can’t help it. Below you’ll find four more examples of things that annoy me, when they probably shouldn’t.

People who plug their nose when they jump into water

I can’t explain why this annoys me so much. But whenever I see someone jump into a pool or a lake and they plug their nose as they jump, I feel a surge of anger. Okay, maybe not anger. But it really irritates me! Is it really that hard to blow out of your nose when you hit the water? I’m pretty sure that’s one of the first things you learn when you take swimming lessons. I understand not everyone takes lessons, but it just seems self-explanatory to me.

People who call their significant other ‘babe’ (bonus points if it’s multiple times per sentence)

Again, I’m not entirely sure why this bothers me so much. But every time I hear someone use this pet name, it makes me cringe so hard. It sounds like what the stereotypical football player calls his stereotypical cheerleader girlfriend in teen dramas. I especially hate when people use the term multiple times in a row.

“Hey babe, can you bring me my laptop please?” “Sure, babe, here it is!” “Thanks, babe!” 

The term ‘human’ in the place of ‘person’, ‘guy’, ‘girl’, etc

Nine times out of ten, it’s obvious whether you’re talking about a human as opposed to an animal, alien, or inanimate object. So when you say “He’s the best human I’ve ever met!” To me, that just sounds weird. Why not say man or person or guy? Human just seems way too broad.

Unnecessarily honking in traffic

Picture it: I’m the first car in the line waiting for the traffic light. The light turns green, I put my foot down on the pedal, and before my 2007 car has had the chance to start moving, I hear a honk behind me. Apparently in the time it took me to start moving, Mr. Impatient has realized half a second of his life has passed him by, and he just won’t stand for that!


I hope you enjoyed hearing about the strange things that annoy me! Do you have any irrational pet peeves? Let me know what they are in the comments.


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