Rainy Day Essentials

It’s raining cats and dogs here in Texas, so I thought I’d share some of the ways I like to pass the time when I’m stuck indoors. One of my main favorite pastimes is of course writing a blog post, but that one is too obvious, so here are four other ways I like to spend rainy days.

Drink a cup of hot tea


I don’t know what it is about rain, but it always makes me feel like it’s way colder outside than it is. Because of this, I always get in the mood to drink something hot to warm up. My favorite hot drink is tea, but if you prefer coffee, or hot cocoa, go for it! It’s just nice to sip on something warm while you watch the rain fall from your window.

Read a good book


If I’m stuck inside for the day anyway, I figure I might as well take the time to catch up on some reading! I’ve been alternating between two books lately: Shane Dawson’s hilarious It Gets Worse, and the new Harry Potter script Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Two very different books, but both are just as entertaining to read as the other. I will definitely write book reviews when I finish!

Watch a good TV show

netflix stranger things poster







Books are great, but if you’re like me you’ll get bored after a while and feel the need to switch over to a different activity. That’s where Netflix comes in! I just started watching the show Stranger Things, and am loving it as much as everyone else. I was worried it would be too scary since I usually don’t enjoy horror, but it actually isn’t too bad! And there’s a surprising amount of humor thrown in as well, which I appreciate.

Listen to a mellow playlist


Like feeling cold, there’s something about the rain that just makes me want to listen to a chill soundtrack. I recently found this playlist on Spotify and have been listening to it non-stop. It’s the perfect background music while writing a blog (like right now), and is also just great to listen to when you feel like you need some background noise that isn’t the rain pattering outside.


Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what you like to do during thunderstorms. Do you get out of the house and brave the storm, or do you prefer to stay indoors like me?



14 thoughts on “Rainy Day Essentials

    1. I’m enjoying it so far, but I’m still less than halfway through! It’s definitely different to read since it’s a script instead of an actual book. Maybe that’s why it’s hard for you to get into it?

    1. You definitely should! It’s a really good show. I was surprised how much I liked it, since I normally don’t like horror. But it’s really not that scary, and there’s a lot of humorous parts!

  1. Stranger Things is so great! Although today is weirdly summery for where I live, I do quite like it when the weather gets crisper meaning its acceptable to just stay indoors! I’m not much of a fan of walking about during thundery weather but I do enjoy curling up on the sofa with a blanket, cup of tea and some biscuits and watching a good comforting film like Labryinth or even something Disney as it thunders down outside!


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