Tips for Surviving Sorority Recruitment 

Judging from all of the posts I’m seeing on social media, this week is Recruitment Week (aka Rush Week) at the college I went to, so I’m guessing lots of other colleges are having it this week as well. Since I went through recruitment myself about five years ago, (wow times flies), I thought I’d share a few tips for surviving the week. It can definitely be an overwhelming process, but hopefully these tips will make it easier.

Be Yourself

I know this is cliche and might seem like a no-brainer, but I really think it is one of the most important things to remember. If you act like someone you’re not, you’re not giving the women the chance to truly get to know you, and you’re also running the risk of ending up in a sorority that isn’t the right fit for you.

Avoid Snap Judgements

While first impressions mean a lot, they aren’t everything. I actually didn’t like my sorority very much the first few days of recruitment. Luckily they liked me and kept inviting me back, and each day I started liking them more and more and really connecting with the people I was talking to. The point is, the houses that are your favorites on the first day may not be your favorite by the end of the week, and vice versa. Try to keep an open mind towards every single sorority you visit.

Ignore Other People’s Opinions

Inevitably you will overhear other PNMs (Potential New Members) talking about the sororities with their friends, and sometimes with you as well. Everyone is different, so you might hear them making rude comments about a house you liked, or saying they loved one that you hated. Don’t let this get in your head. Stick to your gut and how you truly feel about each of the houses, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Trust the Process

Again, this is extremely cheesy and you are probably rolling your eyes right now. But it’s such an important thing to remember! Like I mentioned, I initially didn’t like my sorority but now looking back I can’t imagine ending up anywhere else. I met all of my best friends there, and I really felt like I belonged in that group of girls. It obviously happened for a reason!


Whether you’re in the middle of your recruitment week right now, gearing up to start in the next few weeks, or just looking forward to joining a sorority when you get to college, I hope these four tips will help you feel more comfortable, and bring you some much-needed clarity during the difficult process. Best of luck!

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  1. love this shells!! Such wise words on one of the most difficult processes to go through. Thank God we’re done on the recruiting side too! 🙂

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