Behind The Blog featuring Shelly Ray…

I am so excited to share this blog post with all of you! Karen from Confetti and Curves has an amazing blog and I definitely aspire to have a blog as great as hers some day! I have enjoyed reading her Behind The Blog series for a while now, and I am very honored to have gotten the opportunity to be featured! So without further adieu, enjoy Karen’s interview with me. And be sure to check out her blog. 🙂

Shelly Ray

Howdy chums,

Firstly a huge thanks to everyone who checked out yesterdays post How To Deep Clean & Remove Grubby Stains from your Blender Sponge. As a bit of a neat freak, I’m a stickler for keeping things clean and tidy – and my makeup sponges are no exception! So many of you found it a really useful little formula, and I can honestly say it’s worked wonders for me – heck just check out the final results, they speak for themselves ladies 😉 I forgot to mention, if any of you’s are giving it a go do let me know how you’s get on, I’d love an update. And thank y’all from the bottom of my socks for leaving such awesome tips of your own too!!

However onto today’s post as I get down to introducing our second blogger of the week, the lovely Shelly Ray from her lifestyle…

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